After the big success of Badiaah mall(1) the group decided to continue the success story to build another mall next to it to help to cover the big demand of the area.

The mall is located on the eastern side of Badiaah mall(1), on Madinah road, on the western side of Riyadh city on 28000 sqm.

Likewise in Badiaah mall(1), the group established Badiaah mall(2) with concern to have good established decorative buildings, dispread well including shops, car parking, external mosque, internal prayer place for women, toilets for women and other for men, several entrances and exits which gives the shoppers easy and free way to come in and go out of the mall at the safest way for them .

The mall has also very good quality designs and decorations on international standards, and the wide hall ways, plus the panoramic dome and panoramic glass decoration which gives a very beautiful shaping to the natural lighting system crossing from the roof the first floor and then to second floor, the shops are located in the ground floor, while the second floor is exclusive to complete entertainment city for kids and women only the first of its kind in the region there it is the entertainment city RamRom, which is an affiliate of the entertainment sector of the group.

Available in the mall also a lot of the famous trade marks and special laces for rest and visitors, it contains also private are for the food court for families, and also.

Shops & Showrooms in Badiaah Mall 2

Jarir Bookstore
Ramroma Land
Modon Jeans
M Sotre

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