About AlMogren Company

Abdulmohsen K. Al-Mogren and Brothers Group is a continuity of Khaled Al-Mogren Trading Establishment which was established by the late Shiekh Khaled Al-Mogren (in 1970- 1390 H), started by two shops one was for women textiles and other one was for textiles accessories, both were located in (Swuaiqah Market) the heart of the commercial area that time.

By the year 1981 (1401 H) Mr. Abdulmohsen K. Al-Mogren and his brothers have continued their father's project by expanding the business and acquiring new investments and properties to develop and sell. In year 1991 (1411 H) the group have created new investment sectors and build commercial complexes in Riyadh City, and also keep growing and expanding the business and developing new investments also, they have developed.

(Al-Anikah) Textiles Brand which is the most trustworthy name in textiles market in the region, and have opened many branches around the kingdom. In the year 2000, the group launched Olaya Mall, which was the first mall in the kingdom to have a lot of famous trade marks for the first time in the kingdom through Olaya Mall.

By the way the group have stand well and get along the market, we have created a plan for its new vision towards the change to built a serious of commercial complexes and malls to introduce a new experience of the shopping in an outstanding way. Doing such developments have given the group a great mutual trust, none of the less is being agents of famous trade marks such as (X-Store) and (Pixell). We have created and established RamRoma Entertainment Company in 2004, and in the same year we have opened the first branch in Badea Mall, then later in the year 2005 we opened the second branch in Dammam Marina Mall.

Remora Compo have been established based on our strong believe that Entertainment in the kingdom should not be less than any other major international similar companies in Europe, and America. Also our group is focusing in many other investments sectors like developing and building malls, building hotels, and a lot of other tourism and medi - cal projects.

To be the leaders in establishing the successful commercial projects, in sectors: real estates, tourism, medical, based on the highest levels of quality, to meet all of our customers' satisfaction.

To achieve and work on establishing commercial projects in different sectors like: real estates, tourism, medical, based on the highest levels of quality, to meet all of our customers' satisfaction.