The Olaya View of the most important commercial projects in the Kingdom Aerbualcherq East, where specializes in selling brands men's center is located in the city of Riyadh King Fahd Road and through Arabism with an area of ​​150 000 square meters where the building consists of two floors luxurious and includes all center on more than 400 exhibition center for restaurants high-end and includes all Center also spacious parking to accommodate more than 1,000 cars and a fully equipped gymnasium

Of the most important features of the Olaya View beauty and simplicity of the architectural design and intensive care Baltsttaibat and interiors. And the use of best brands for men under one roof, leaving significant impact on the marketing activities of shops and contribute effectively to find the right environment for commercial traffic active inside the center and then to reach the level of sophistication in the commercialization characterized the surrounding area with ease and clarity and distribution studied the attitudes and the distinctiveness of the main entrances, which can shoppers from the use of the Center's activities with ease and clarity while maintaining the safety and security of all astronauts Center

The total area of the ground floor more than 25,000 m 2 and log in via the King Fahd key input for the convenience of shoppers and ease of movement to and from the center. The center includes an additional input to the entrances of the service and the movement of goods and emergency exits. Center is divided into three floors include all modern services for the modern man we have provided 3 panoramic elevators and escalators to facilitate movement between the roles of the center. The sub-spaces portlets orders from the main center and represents the access points between different parts of the center

Linked to movement corridors and sub inside the center between the main entrances and squares distributed throughout the center. Characterized by movement corridors clarity and breadth , which achieves the convenience of shoppers and enhances the refined style in marketing , which addresses consumer desires in an atmosphere of elegance and easy and fun . It is worth mentioning that the center abounds with names and brands gleaming specialized in menswear .
Have fun shopping : to provide fun for the shopper is equipped with a bowling alley , modern and fully equipped gymnasium and Coffee Shop indoor and outdoor restaurants to suit all tastes joint
Services: Administration Center provided support services to maintain the level of sophistication has been the provision of surveillance cameras - Parking - highly qualified security staff - an integrated system of fire , God forbid

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