It is known that if you succeeded to change people traditional concept is considered to be a very unique achievement. I realize that success in work is a gift from Allah almighty and the belief in change concept for the best and renewal to modern in addition to thought upgrading. 

I and my brothers worked in trade early. I still remember the advice and instructions of my father (Allah blessed him) when I still young.  He taught us lessons in management and patience based on the change & distinguish and penitence concepts after depending on Allah almighty. This is the slogan , I believe in. 

After long experience in retail field , travel and purchasing goods from Europe , America and limited real estate investment. The group found a new vision to activate the main basis of change. This vision based on that the group establishing series of elegant and high standard malls in remarkable places in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This malls imitated the most elegant malls in the international malls and trading centers. 

Based on the long experience , internal and external studies, we began with three small malls in Mutanabi street . Then we opened Olaya mall. Thanks to Allah , this center achieved great success where you kind find most of international marks which entered the Saudi market through Olaya mall which was one of the first closed malls at Riyadh. After that we continued our plans in other malls all over the kingdom.

It is worth mentioning that the economy of this country is very strong as it provided the all investors requirements whether for Saudis or foreigners. Our land , thanks to Allah , is full of opportunities which wait the investor to seize it.
We have more than 8 malls which we intend to pose in the capital market through markets and malls company ( closed company with a capital of 830 million riyals from 2008)

It gives me the greatest pleasure to introduce this statement about our group and we would like to inform you that we still at the beginning of the way and we are looking forward to investment horizons based on change concept. 

Abdulmohsen K. AI-Mogren